Damon Dash on 'The Breakfast Club': 'Jobs Are for Lazy People That Don’t Want to Invest in Themselves' [Video]


Damon Dash has been making the rounds lately, and today he landed at The Breakfast Club for perhaps his most explosive interview yet.

Early in the interview, things quickly took a sharp turn south when DJ Envy asked Dame how he first hooked up with Jay Z.

“Everybody knows that answer. Do you know the answer? You tell us the answer.”

A highly annoyed Dame then turns to Charlamagne and asks, “If somebody asks you the same questions 25 times, maybe 2,500 times, do you still want to talk about the same thing? That’s just me being human. I don’t care what platform we’re on. I’m sick of talking about it. Let’s talk about something else. No more Jay Z questions. I’ve answered them all.”

The situation became even more heated when DJ Envy attempted to ask Dame about rumors that had been circulating. Dame angrily quipped, “Men don’t listen to social media. A real man don’t listen to rumors. I DON’T GIVE A F*CK. I DON’T GIVE A F*CK ABOUT THE RADIO BUSINESS.”

Dame also made sure to call out Spike Lee during the interview, saying, “He didn’t want to offer no help. He didn’t want to sit down with me, and I didn’t appreciate that. I want someone to ask Spike Lee why he doesn’t want to stick together.” 

We think we know why Spike doesn’t want to work with you, Dame. Case in point…

Another interesting moment during the interview, you ask? When Dame belittles every man with a job where he reports to a boss. You have got to read this.

“See, you enjoy the safety and security of a job everyday, but there’s no pride in that to me. My son takes pride in the fact that I have Dash Motors, and because I have that, my son said, ‘I’m not going to ever have a boss.’ His mentality is different. It’s just about changing their mentality. I think because people on the radio tell people it’s okay to have a boss, they don’t understand that they can have more. And because of the direct consumer relationship and the Internet, there’s no excuse. There’s just a pride you should have in ownership. Putting your own money up and invest[ing]. Nine-to-fives aren’t good, but when you do something for yourself and your family, it never feels like work. I hustle for my last name, not my first. How can a man who has a boss be proud? Jobs are for lazy people that don’t want to invest in themselves.”


Check out parts one and two of Dame’s interview below.

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