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DaBaby Denies Scamming YouTuber Out Of $20,000, Blames Entourage

It’s been awhile since DaBaby was in the news for something positive, this story ain’t it.

via: Rap-Up

DaBaby landed in hot water on Sunday (April 14) after YouTuber Lah Mike accused him of running off with $20,000. The content creator claimed that he paid the “Suge” rapper to be in a video, but he walked off the set before completing it.

“I did everything I was supposed to do. Please don’t scam me, bro. This is my livelihood. This was supposed to be my blow-up video — my way out,” Mike wrote on Instagram. “How am I supposed to make it out if I lose all my videos? I’m 19, [bruh]. Please, God, why does everything have to go bad? I don’t even have a full video. I spent my last on that, and this happens?”

He continued, “Please don’t run off with my bag, please. I’ll fix whatever you need, bro. That was my last. This [was] my dream. I was working toward this just for it to be taken away from me again. Please come finish the video. Please don’t scam me, bro.” Mike also alleged that of the $20,000 given to DaBaby, half of it came from his grandmother.

DaBaby responded to the YouTuber’s claims via his Instagram Story. “You coulda went viral the right way [by] posting the video of me pressing yo’ [partner with] them big a** silver shorts on. That’s the type of s**t people wanna see, kid,” he shared.

The North Carolina artist continued, “Quit lying on ya’ granny and let these folks know yo’ entourage f**ked yo’ bag up. [You] need yo’ a** whooped.” DaBaby later uploaded two clips detailing the incident and offered to give the money to the 20 women who also participated in Mike’s video.

An associate of the content creator, rapper Tre Pierre, shared behind-the-scenes footage from the taping. He called DaBaby a “professional fart sucker,” causing the ladies to begin laughing. From there, the Grammy nominee took the camera from him, with the video being cut shortly after.

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