Da Brat Ordered to Fork Over an Extra $1 Million to the Ex-Cheerleader She Hit in the Face with a Bottle

Da Brat has yet to pay any money to the ex-cheerleader she was found liable for hitting in the face with a bottle and now a judge ruled she must pay an additional $1 million.

If you recall, Da Brat was sued by former NFL cheerleader Shayla Stevens over the incident, which went down in a nightclub back in 2007. Da Brat hit Shayla in the face with a bottle of rum, causing permanent scarring, neurological damage, and other anguish.

Shayla filed a lawsuit against Da Brat two years after the incident while Da Brat was already in prison serving a three-year sentence as a result.

The jury awarded Shayla $6.4 million. Since Da Brat hasn’t paid, Shayla filed documents in California — although the original lawsuit was filed in Georgia — to begin collecting money. Registering in California allows Shayla to go after Da Brat’s assets and property in the state.

The interest on Da Brat’s original amount owed has ballooned to $1,306,301.37 and now she owes Shayla a total of $7,806,736.37.

Those Dish Nation checks won’t quite cut it, will they?

[via The Blast]


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