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Da Brat Denies Making A Move On Wendy Williams : ‘Nope’ [Video]

Just one day after Karlie Redd threatened to expose her, Wendy Williams is stirring the pot with Da Brat.

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Da Brat was set to appear as the guest, Wendy told her audience that the rapper, who is now engaged to her fiancee Jesseca “Judy” Dupart, once tried to hit on her.

Calling Da Brat’s “pickup” strong, Wendy explained, “[She was] like, ‘So whatchu doin’?’ I’m like, ‘Da Brat, I’m minding my own business. What do you mean?’ ‘Is you alone?’ Oh she tried it.” The famed talk show host added, “Oh please! I said, ‘Look here, Brat, we are friends. Like, I’m a girl who’s your friend, that’s it.’ ”

However, Da Brat, who came on the show to promote her new show “Brat Loves Judy”, was quick to refute Wendy’s account. “The last time we talked and I texted you, it was after I saw your documentary, and I felt like you ain’t got no real friends and I wanted to be your friend, so I called to check on you,” Da Brat said. “I love you but I ain’t never been attracted to you, girl.”

When asked if she would like Wendy if she were gay, Da Brat easily answered, “Nope! You fly, but not for me.” She went on to say, “I already had my baby, too. I have my forever already. I would never disrespect her, do that at all.”

Even if Judy wasn’t a part of the picture, Da Brat was adamant that she would never like Wendy. “No, no. I mean, I love you, but I wouldn’t want to get with you like that, Wendy. I just want to be your friend, ’cause I felt like, once you showed your vulnerable side, like, you’re like human like the rest of us,” she explained.


Later in the episode, Wendy seemed to suggest that she helped Da Brat come out. Once again, the rapper set the record straight. “Girl, you were never been a part of my process, not until I was ready to reveal anything did anybody know anything, and when I did it, that’s when I let the world know,” Da Brat said.

“Back in the day it wasn’t cool. You couldn’t do that. Ellen [DeGeneres] lost her job, her show. Back in the day you could not do that, but thank God it’s different now. And I get to live out loud and live in my truth,” she went on to note.

Wendy seems to be on her own planet sometime.

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