Cynthia Bailey Says Phaedra Could Return to 'RHOA' After Kandi Burruss Leaves |

Cynthia Bailey Says Phaedra Could Return to ‘RHOA’ After Kandi Burruss Leaves

Previously “Real Housewives of Atlanta” legend Cynthia Bailey stated she couldn’t picture herself rejoining the Bravo franchise anytime soon. That’s not stopping the model from commenting on the upcoming cast.

TMZ caught up with Ms. Bailey who says her friend Kandi Burruss is gonna be just fine after leaving “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” … but she adds the show itself needs some help.

We spoke to the ‘RHOA’ mainstay outside WeHo hotspot The Henry, just days after her friend and longtime costar Kandi announced at the Grammys she was exiting ‘Housewives.’

CB says she’s a little surprised, but noted she talks to KB a lot when cameras aren’t rolling … so, she kinda saw this coming.

Cynthia’s not worrying about her pal — who joined the show before its second season in 2009 — adding Kandi does so well while still juggling the show, and Bailey can’t wait to see how high the “badass bitch” will fly without it on her plate.

She also thinks Kandi has a safety net, telling us she’s on great terms with Bravo … so, returning to ‘RHOA’ will always be an option. As Cynthia sees it, the show’s OGs can “come and go” as they please.

However, she does say the show could use a few fresh faces to improve ratings — not a complete blow-up of the cast, but a little something … a notion former ‘Housewife’ NeNe Leakes also thinks needs to happen.

She also shouted out Phaedra Parks’ role on “The Traitors” — a reality competition/murder mystery show taking the TV world by storm, and said she should definitely come back to ‘RHOA’ now that Kandi’s eyeing greener pastures.

Remember … Kandi and Phaedra had an epic falling out during their time on the show — with Phaedra even going as far as starting a rumor Kandi wanted to drug and sexually assault Porsha Williams during season 9. PP was fired at the end of the season.

Cynthia says any issues between Phaedra and Kandi are their business, she just knows Phaedra is “great TV” … so she wouldn’t be opposed to her return.

Cynthia also touched on Kim Zolciak-Biermann potentially coming back … and while she thinks Kim is also must-see TV, Cynthia says it hurts to watch the downfall of Kim’s marriage to Kroy.

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