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‘CSI: Vegas’ & ‘So Help Me Todd’ Canceled By CBS

Both “So Help Me Todd” and “CSI: Vegas” have been canceled at CBS.

via: Deadline

Deadline revealed earlier this week that both dramas were heavily on the bubble and in grave danger.

That despite CSI: Vegas and So Help Me Todd being solid ratings performers. With the entire CBS schedule doing well this season and three new drama series joining in 2024-25, NCIS: Origins, Matlock and Watson (in addition to a second season of the Australian NCIS: Sydney), the network was faced with painful decisions, and So Help Me Todd and CSI: Vegas are the least watched CBS drama series this spring in both linear and multi-platform ratings.

In most current linear Nielsen viewership (2/12 to date), CSI: Vegas, which improved its time period, is at #21 among all non-sports broadcast programs with 6.234M viewers and So Help Me Todd at #22 with 6.224M. That is more than a slew of series on other broadcast networks that have been safely renewed for next season, including ABC’s Will Trent, The Rookie and Grey’s Anatomy and NBC’s Law & Order, The Voice and The Irrational.

With broadcast budgets under pressure amid soft ad market and overall belt-tightening by the media companies, CBS series cuts were inevitable to make room for the new additions.

After Elsbeth was just renewed and with The Equalizer also expected to come back contingent on a new deal with star/executive producer Queen Latifah, NCIS: Hawai’i remains as the only major question mark.

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