'Courtside Karen' Apologizes for Heckling Lebron James: 'I Take Full Responsibility'

What a difference a day (and being dragged by the entire internet) makes.

The women dubbed ‘Courtside Karen’ has issued an apology for the now-viral outburst that got her ejected from the Lakers/Hawks game on Monday night.

She’s also been cleared to return to Hawks games along with the rest of her party that got kicked out.

via Yahoo:

The incident occurred in the fourth quarter of Monday’s Lakers win and prompted officials to halt play and call security when fans with sideline seats got heated with James. Juliana Carlos was particularly vocal and appeared to give James a middle-finger salute upon her ejection from State Farm Arena along with her husband and another couple.

She also dropped her mask to yell at James while she was still courtside.

After her ejection, Carlos — who appears to have social media influencer aspirations — took to Instagram with a profanity-laden tirade in which she said that she told James “I will f*** you up.” She accused James of cussing at her husband, which apparently sparked her anger.

The Athletic accessed courtside footage of the incident and determined that James uttered “Ol’ steroid ass” during the interaction.

On Tuesday, Carlos issued an apology on Instagram, noting that “things escalated quickly.”

James didn’t seem too upset about the incident after the game. In fact, he appeared to side with Carlos in appreciating a little back-and-forth with an opposing fan.

You can read her apology in full below. We bet she’ll keep her mouth shut at games from now on!


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