Court War: Ne-Yo’s Ex-Girlfriend Demands Primary Custody, Child Support for 2 Kids

It wasn’t too long ago, Ne-Yo had his ex-girlfriend Sade Bagnerise served with papers asking for a paternity test. He is also asking for court-mandated child support.

via: Radar Online

Ne-Yo’s ex-girlfriend Sade Bagnerise has demanded primary custody of their 2 children along with immediate monthly child support, has learned.

According to court documents obtained by, Sade and her lawyer showed up to court last week to respond to Ne-Yo’s lawsuit.

As we previously reported, last month, the entertainer filed a paternity and child support lawsuit against Sade. In his petition, he said they share 2 minor children named Braiden (born in 2021) and Brixton (born in February 2023).

Ne-Yo also asked the court to order a DNA test to be done on Brixton to determine he is indeed the father. He asked that Braiden’s last name be legally changed to Smith, his last name.

The singer asked the court to award him joint physical and legal custody of the two kids. He asked the court to determine how much he should pay per month in child support.

Now, in her newly filed countersuit, Sade demanded primary physical custody of the 2 kids but agreed to share joint legal custody, which would allow Ne-Yo to have a say on important matters in their children’s lives.

Sade said Ne-Yo should be awarded every other weekend visitation along with alternating holiday parenting time. Further, she asked that the court award her temporary and permanent child support – along with reimbursement for a fair portion of any medical, educational, extracurricular, insurance, or other expenses related to the minor children that she incurs.

Sade did not address Ne-Yo’s demand for a DNA test on the youngest child but noted, “[Ne-Yo] is the biological father of the parties’ minor children.”

As previously reported, back in February, Ne-Yo reached a settlement with his ex Crystal in their divorce battle. Ne-Yo paid Crystal a $1.6 million lump sum, 1 property, and $20k to help her move. In addition, he pays her $12k per month in child support for their 3 children. She will receive an additional $3k per month in alimony for the next 3 years.

The two agreed to share joint custody of their kids.

As first reported, on top of the drama with his ex, the IRS is on the hunt for $3 million in back taxes the singer owes.

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