Of Course: Appointments Surge After Quebec’s Marijuana and Alcohol Stores Require Proof of Vaccination

Quebec has learned that the best way to get people vaccinated is to require dispensaries and liquor stores to require proof of vaccination.

via Complex:

As pointed out by the New York Daily News, Canadian officials have reported a significant surge in first-dose vaccine appointments in the eastern province. Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé said vaccine appointment requests had averaged about 1,500 per day; however, that number increased to 6,000 on Thursday, marking a 400 percent increase.

The tweet came just a day after Dubé announced Quebec will soon require vaccine passports to enter government-run stores that sell marijuana and liquor.

In a press conference on Thursday, Dubé said, “If the unvaccinated aren’t happy with this situation, there is a very simple solution at your disposal,” the minister said. “It is to get vaccinated. It’s free.”

Dubé also argued that limiting the places accessible to unvaccinated individuals would help curb transmission rates.

Quebec currently requires people to present proof of vaccination when entering health-care facilities, indoor sports venues, movie theaters, bars, and nightclubs. Exemptions apply to children under 13 and certain adults.

The new requirement for patrons entering cannabis and liquor stores takes effect on Jan. 18. In addition, Quebec has placed a curfew that runs from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. in an effort to slow down new infections.

Let’s go ahead and do this in the United States too.

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