Bad Omen? Hurricane Harvey Blocks Couple's Third Attempt at a Wedding Ceremony |

Bad Omen? Hurricane Harvey Blocks Couple’s Third Attempt at a Wedding Ceremony

A couple from Texas keeps trying to get married, but thanks to Hurricane Harvey their third attempt at a ceremony has been foiled due to flooding.

via NYDN:

Jenny Swarers and Dustin Morgan told the outlet each of their walks down the aisle have been thwarted by flooding.

Their most recent wedding was set to take place in Houston on Saturday before 150 of the couple’s closest friends, KTLA reported.

Although the storm has been downgraded, heavy rains threaten to flood the city. The perilous weather conditions saw more than 100 of Swarers and Morgan’s guests, including the clergy member presiding over their nuptials, rescind their accepted invitations.

“After the preacher canceled, we thought maybe we’ll just Skype him in,” Swarers told KTLA jokingly. “But we knew we had to cancel.”

According to KTLA, the pair spent a full year after their engagement planning the first of three would-be big days only to have their venue overtaken by several feet of water from the Sabine River in April 2016.

“The venue had 6 feet of water in it,” Swarers told KTLA.

Swarers and Morgan reportedly rescheduled at the same venue for the following April, but had no better luck the second time around. Construction related to the flood damage wasn’t complete in time to allow their wedding to commence.

The unlucky couple refuses to allow their streak of cancellations rain on their parade in the long term. The bride-to-be told the Daily News they’ll likely plan their fourth wedding attempt somewhere far from any flood threats.

“After this happened we both (are) just ready to get away from the water,” Swarers said.

The Lord might be trying to tell them something…

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