Countess Vaughn Reveals How Lace Front Wigs Gave Her a Severe Skin Infection [Photos + Video]


Former “Moesha” star Countess Vaughn shared her story about how she developed a severe scalp infection as a result of constantly wearing lace front wigs.

She says she wore a wig for 24-hours a day almost everyday and waited 6-months to seek treatment. It was only then she learned she was having an allergic reaction to the wig glue.

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How it all began:

In 2004, my hairstylist introduced to lace-front wigs and I fell in love with them, immediately. You have a full-hair line; I was wearing them 24/7. Five years later the drama came in. The red flag was the oozing from my ears, forehead, the whole nape around my head. The puss had a horrible smell and it was painful. I let it go by for six months. What I did not realize, I had a bad reaction to the glue I used to apply the wig. My hair started to fall out.

How she recovered:

I went to the dermatologist but he did not let me know the long-term effects of the infection. I have skin discoloration and people assume I have vitiligo. I use makeup to cover up, especially the skin under my eyes. Skin came off of my ears. I draw in my hairline with an eye pencil. I had to go through this to teach my little one, ‘you have to love yourself before anyone else will.’ 

What an unfortunate outcome.

Check out the video of Countess’ revelation below.

Love muffins, if you notice something’s wrong with your skin (or body), don’t wait six-months to get it checked out.

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