Corey Gamble Calls Kendall Jenner 'Rude' and an 'As*hole' After Fight with Kylie Jenner |

Corey Gamble Calls Kendall Jenner ‘Rude’ and an ‘As*hole’ After Fight with Kylie Jenner

The saga of a fight between sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner has been playing out on ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ (and in the headlines) over the past few weeks — and this week it appears Kris Jenner’s boyfriend, Corey Gamble, is getting involved.

via People:

On last week’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the sisters got into a nasty argument during a family trip to Palm Springs. After Kendall, Kylie and Corey ended up in the same car at the end of a night out, things got physical when Kylie refused to have the driver drop Kendall off at her house. Kendall accused Corey of cursing at her during the scuffle.

And on Thursday’s episode KUWTK, the family deals with the fallout from the fight after it becomes clear that none of the parties involved plan to take any blame for the incident.

While talking to KimKourtney, Khloé Kardashian says Corey’s involvement in the fight only makes the situation more complicated.

“There was already tension when the night started. There was tension at dinner,” says Khloé, 36. “It was building up and building up and I think it just boiled over, and that’s what happened. I think it just sucks for everybody. Sisters can get over it — I don’t know if you’re not a sister how easy that is to get over it.”

“I just feel bad that Mom’s in the middle,” Khloé adds. “I really do. I couldn’t imagine feeling like that. It just sucks.”

Back home in Los Angeles, Kylie, 23, tells Kris that she hasn’t talked to Kendall since that night.

“I think she thinks she’s right in the situation and I think I’m right in this situation so I don’t know,” she says. “I think that the whole night got blown out of control, and it was a lot.”

“I think that there was a lot of miscommunication,” she adds. “I just feel bad because we’re both very upset, and things just got very out of hand.”

Before Kendall, 24, decides to call her sister, she attempts to smooth things over with Corey, who wants to offer her NBA tickets as a make-nice. But when she calls him back, expecting an apology, she’s shocked by the way the conversation goes.

“I feel like you were the adult in this situation, and you handled it very badly,” she tells Corey.

When Corey tries to tell her that what happened was between her and Kylie, Kendall once again accuses him of “yelling” and cursing at her.

“That’s between y’all. You keep grouping us up like it’s us against you,” Corey says.

“You’re 100 percent in the fight,” Kendall insists. “You said, ‘f— you,’ to my face. You can’t even say, ‘I’m sorry.’ “

“Of course Corey is going to try and deflect from saying ‘f— you’ to me by putting it all on my and Kylie,” she adds in a confessional interview. “He doesn’t want to be on bad terms with my mom.”

But things take a nasty turn when Corey shoots back at Kendall, calling her “rude” and an “a–hole.”

“You’ve been a rude person for years,” he says. “You’re an a–hole when you feel like it, you get riled up for no reason. I’m about to tell you the truth about how you are. You don’t apologize for nothing.”

“You don’t even know me,” says Kendall, shocked. “Just because I don’t kiss your a– doesn’t mean I’m an a–hole. I just don’t f— with you. The fact that I can’t even get an apology.”

“Corey, he’s just not right in this situation and I’d rather him just admit and say sorry and man up,” she adds in a confessional. “But if that doesn’t happen we’re just going to continue going in circles.”

The two eventually hang up, leaving Kris feeling even more stuck in the middle than before.

“I still feel really bad about what happened,” Kris says. “I feel really bad for Kendall that she’s so upset. I don’t like being put in the middle between my girls and Corey. It just feels really uncomfortable.”

A couple of days later, Kendall tells Khloé what happened.

“I was like, you know what, I’m done with this conversation, I know I deserve an apology and [he] has not given me one,” she says. “I’m done.”

Adding that Corey is only “one side of the equation,” Kendall says she’s not surprised she hasn’t heard from Kylie.

“Honestly, I didn’t expect anything less,” she says. “I just haven’t heard from Kylie in a week, and that’s kind of another slap in the face.”

“I kind of want her to grow up and realize that what happened was wrong and that I do deserve that phone call,” she says.

And even Khloé is surprised the two haven’t made up.

“This is pretty major for Kendall and Kylie,” she adds. “I haven’t seen them fight like this in years. I just hope this is going to get resolved soon, but they both seem really adamant about their stances right now.”

It appears they do eventually patch things up. As the episode was airing last week, Kendall and Kylie joked around on Twitter about the fight.

We’re surprised Corey actually has the nerve to talk to Kris’ kids like that. You know Kris doesn’t play!

‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ airs Thursdays (8 p.m. ET) on E!

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