Convicted Killer Daniel Cavalcante Captured 2 Weeks After Escaping Prison in Pennsylvania

Danelo Cavalcante escaped from a Pennsylvania prison Aug. 31, just days after being sentenced to life for the murder of a former girlfriend.

via: People

Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) announced the news Wednesday morning, saying they would give more details in a press conference at 9:30 a.m. local time.

Cavalcante escaped from the Chester County Prison in on Aug. 31 in Chester County, Pa., as previously reported by PEOPLE.

The 34-year-old was convicted of stabbing his girlfriend in July, is also wanted on a homicide accusation in Brazil, authorities previously said.

As of Tuesday, Cavalcante was considered armed with a 22-caliber rifle and ammunition after he stole it from an owner in Pottstown, Pa., according to authorities.

The owner of the rifle shot several times at Cavalcante, but authorities had “no reason to believe” that he was injured in the shooting, PSP Lt. Col. George Bivens said in a press conference on Tuesday morning.

Authorities have repeatedly said Cavalcante is “extremely dangerous” and Bivens shared on Tuesday that the fugitive’s access to a firearm and ammunition “[changed] nothing” in their manhunt, as he was “always considered to be a risk.”

Cavalcante was spotted at least twice on Monday evening, and belongings believed to be his were found in the vicinity, according to authorities.

The first sighting was by a motorist who saw him “crouched” near the woodline along the road, but by the time she turned around to make sure it was him, he was gone, Bivens said.

Bivens urged residents in the area to stay vigilant and keep their doors locked. The schools on Tuesday were closed in the Owen J. Roberts School District, which is in northern Chester County.

On Sunday, local authorities said Cavalcante was spotted multiple times over the weekend as he tried to reach out to former associates who alerted authorities. A doorbell video captured his attempt, and revealed that he had changed his appearance.

At Tuesday’s press conference, Bivens said the fugitive was “beyond assistance” at that point.

“He has killed two people previously,” the lieutenant added. “I would suspect he is desperate enough to use that weapon.”

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