Coco Austin Slamed for ‘Inappropriate’ G-String Bikini at Water Park [Photos]

Coco Austin hit a Bahamian water park with her six-year-old daughter and people are not thrilled with her choice of swimwear.

via NYP:

The mom and daughter duo rocked matching pink and blue bikinis on the water park excursion, with one major difference.

While little Chanel’s cossie had regular bottoms, Coco’s featured a skimpy G-string design that flaunted her butt.

But the images, which show other children in the vicinity, have angered other parents who have branded Coco’s bathers “inappropriate”.

“Your bathing suit is soooo NOT appropriate for a water park,” one of Coco’s three million followers wrote.

“So I gotta ask, don’t you ever feel like maybe at a kid-friendly place a G-string is inappropriate? Just curious if you ever feel like that,” another said.

While another wrote: “INAPPROPRIATE for a water park.”

The outrage continued, with others joining the pile-on when Coco posted another series of snaps, explaining that Ice-T had turned into her “paparazzi.”

“It’s disgusting that’s what you think is acceptable to wear around children,” one said.

“Girl put some clothes on when your child is around, smh [shaking my head],” another agreed.

And another person said: “You’re at a water park in front of lots of kids dressed like that!”

It doesn’t appear Coco broke any water park rules with her skimpy outfit.

According to the Baha Bay Water Park’s website, attendees to the “luxury” attraction are required to adhere to a dress code that states swimsuits, pool attire and similar apparel are all acceptable clothing.

It does not state G-strings are not allowed.

Many of her followers pointed out she wasn’t doing anything wrong, leaping to her defense.

“She’s in a bikini in the Bahamas. Why should she have to adjust her clothing because there are kids?” one wrote.

“She’s in a two-piece, not naked,” another added.

As a third posted: “If you don’t like seeing her a**, then don’t look at it. She’s not hurting anyone.”

The famous mom is sadly no stranger to having her parenting skills criticized by strangers, with Coco and Ice-T copping it for allowing their daughter to use a stroller last week.

A photo taken at the Atlantis Resort on the exotic island showed Chanel looking less than enthusiastic as her parents enjoyed a touch of shopping.

The little girl could be seen resting her hand in her head as she sat in her stroller looking bored.

“A stroll through the @atlantisbahamas shops,” Coco captioned her post.

“Chanel is so over it unless there’s something cool to see. Her face transitions instantly.”

But fans were not impressed by the pictures, as they narrowed in on the fact that Chanel was still using a stroller well into her childhood.

“I know she may be your last baby but you have to let her grow up. If anything, a wagon is more her age.

“I have a six-year-old smaller than her and she hasn’t been in a stroller in years. I would hate for your sweet baby to get bullied or something,” one parent wrote.

A second agreed and added a facepalm emoji: “In a stroller.”

Coco and her parenting behavior can’t catch a break.

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