CNN is ending 'Piers Morgan Live'


CNN is ending Piers Morgan Live after three years on air.

Huffinton Post reports:

Morgan took over Larry King’s 9PM timeslot in 2011. Morgan’s ratings were consistently low.

CNN sources confirmed the news to Politico.

As Carr points out, Morgan’s contract is up in September. There’s no word on whether he’ll get another show or not.

“It’s been a painful period and lately we have taken a bath in the ratings,” Morgan told Carr. “I am a British guy debating American cultural issues, including guns, which has been very polarizing, and there is no doubt that there are many in the audience who are tired of me banging on about it.”

It’ll be interesting to see if they simply replace Piers Morgan with another commentator in that same time slot or end the show altogether.

For the full story, head over to the New York Times.

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