Clip Shows Rick Ross Having Some Trouble Riding a Camel on Dubai Trip [Photos + Video] |

Clip Shows Rick Ross Having Some Trouble Riding a Camel on Dubai Trip [Photos + Video]

Rick Ross has been made into a meme, once again. It’s no secret that the Richer Than I Ever Been rapper has a habit of keeping us laughing with his effortless antics, and a recent video of him riding on a camel in the desert is the latest reason he’s got the internet in stitches.

via: Complex

However, it might not have gone exactly as he planned. Rozay shared a handful of video clips of him riding the desert animal, which wasn’t immediately successful. A video shows him sitting on the camel, which then starts to sit down again with Ross on top, causing the rapper to climb off.

However, subsequent videos show Ross properly sitting on the camel, though to everyone’s dismay. Instagram users took to the comments, with one writing, “I don’t speak camel but ik that n***a was pleading to god at that very moment.” Other users also noted how the camel was probably “in pain” and that Ross “broke the camel’s back.”

According to National Geographic, camels can carry from 375 to 600 pounds on their backs for 25 miles max.

Ross is clearly a fan of animals. He recently started his own farm, with him recently acquiring his first cow, which he named Thor. The 10-month-old cow joined horses, which Ross already owned. “I’m happier than a motherfucker, this a dream come true for Rozay. You know what this is for a young boy from Carol City, [Florida] to have horses and now—a big boy added?” he said in a video of the cow joining his farm.

He also recently decided to cut down his own trees when an arborist quoted him $10,000 to chop 10 massive oak trees on his property.

See what the internet has been saying about Rozzay’s camel ride below.

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