Claudia Conway Accuses Mom Kellyanne Conway of Physical and Verbal Abuse with the Release of Shocking Footage [Video]

Kellyanne Conway’s daughter, Claudia Conway, is accusing her mother of physical and verbal abuse.

In a series of Tiktok videos shared by Claudia, Kellyane can be seen (and heard) yelling expletives at her daughter, throwing things, and making threats.

At one point, Kellyanne tells her daughter, “you’re lucky your mother is pro-life” and “you’re never going to record another f*cking  thing in your life, it’s going for a forensic analysis.”


In a second video, she hits back at comments accusing her of lying and says she’s  “very anxious” about what could happen to her as far as the trouble she’ll be in at home.

“She’s [Kellyanne Conway] probably going to publicly say that she’s not abusive and whatnot, but that’s what manipulators do and narcissists,” she said. “I’m not looking for attention. I’m not looking for anything. I’m in a situation that’s really physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive and I think it’s important that everybody sees that.”

“I know that all my mom’s friends and family are going to say that I’m lying, I’m looking for attention, but I’m not. I have proof,” she concluded.

See the clips for yourself below:

We hope she manages to get the help she needs.




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