Ciara & Future Officially End Their Engagement, Ciara is Removing His Initial From Her Finger [Photos]


Ciara and Future are officially done for good.

The couple split earlier this year, but E! News has confirmed that despite trying to make things work — it’s done.

The duo had been plagued in recent months by rumors that Future cheated and, though Ciara never addressed that directly, an insider told us that she was “humiliated” by the stories.

“They tried to work things out between them but it could not be saved,” the source says. “Ciara could not get over what had happened. She is focusing on her baby and friends now. Her baby is the most important person in her life.”

Although they have decided not to tie the knot, the baby’s father is still very much a part of the child’s life.

“He is a great father,” the source adds. “They want to keep things civil for the baby.”

While things remain “civil,” it has become clear that she wants no reminder of the love they once shared because she is getting the “N” tattoo (representing Future’s real first name, Nayvadius) she has on her ring finger removed.

“She is in the process of removing her tattoo at this time,” the source reveals. Notably, Ciara understandably is no longer wearing her 15-carat engagement ring, either.

Ciara reportedly gave the ring back a few months ago.


As you can see, the ‘N’ tattoo on her finger is slowly fading away.

The only upside to going through a breakup is that it can provide for some good musical inspiration — just ask Nicki Minaj.


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