Ciara Addresses L.A. Pride Lawsuit w/ Tim Westwood + Shares Her Thoughts on Rihanna's 'Loveeeeeee Song' [Video]

add1d8acd5c811e29c1122000a1fba2c_7Ciara flew to the UK to do some promo for her forthcoming album, Ciara due out in the states on July 9th. She stopped to chat with the UK’s own Tim Westwood for a pretty chill interview. Check it out below!

On Body Party…..

It’s for my ladies…I wanted to go back to that energy of when the guys weren’t too cool to slow grind with girls in the club. That authentic, fun party energy with a little sensuality to it.

On working with Nicki Minaj for “I’m Out”….

That record…I felt like Nicki murdered the verse. I put on Twitter, “Murder was the verse that she gave me”, because she literally went in and bodied it. Also, ae just shot the video. We representing for the ladies. There’a a lot of dancing.

On Future….

The Future is very bright my love. The Future holds a lot. I’m looking forward to The Future and what The Future has to hold. The Future is very big and bright. (Very Funny CiCi….)

On Future working with Rihanna on “Loveeeee Song”….

That’s an amazing record. He was very “kind.”

On the C-Squad…..

The fans are very aggressive.  They “go in”.  They even go in on me sometimes….they’re that aggressive.  But it’s a good thing.  I’d rather you have passion and care than not say anything at all.  I can receive that.  It’s genuine passionate love.

On that LA Pride lawsuit and getting “served” on stage…

We can laugh right?  You know what…I’m in my zone.  I’m good.  There’s a first time for everything.  You can never know why people do things sometimes.  Honesty always wins in the end.

On working out….

Lately I’ve been on a chill kick with that.  I train but….I’m like it’s ok to lighten up a little bit.  I haven’t trained in like a month. I’m very fortunate that my metabolism is high and it doesn’t take long for my muscles to kinda pop in. 

Watch the entire interview below!

via The YBF

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