Chris Brown Suggests His Instagram Account Was Hacked Following Comments About Karrueche and Victor Cruz

Chris Brown was hacked … or at least that’s what he wants us to believe.

The singer took to Instagram early Friday morning to address the rude comments ‘he’ left on Thursday that were aimed at Karrueche and her boyfriend Victor Cruz.

“People going out they way,” he wrote. “Leave them people alone and stop creating unnecessary drama! Whoever’s been DM any of my followers or commenting as me is lame asf.”

In a second post, Chris shared a picture of what appears to be a doctored passport with his face on it, which he claimed to have received from an imposter. “The lengths people go through to be a fake ass bitch,” he wrote. “I got sent this by someone claiming to be Chris Brown on Facebook.”

Do you think Chris was hacked? We’re not sure if we’re believing it.

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