Chris Brown Fighting Ex-housekeeper's Attempt to Inspect His Bedroom as Part of Lawsuit Over Brutal Dog Attack

Chris Brown has been in a legal battle with his former housekeeper over an alleged dog bite attack.

via: Radar Online

According to court documents obtained by, Patricia Avila, who worked with her sister Maria at Chris’ home in the city of Tarzana, has demanded sanctions in the amount of $1,400.

Patricia and Maria filed separate lawsuits over an alleged dog attack at his LA home on December 12, 2020. Maria claimed she was viciously attacked by a Caucasian Orvchake/Caucasian Shepherd dog named Hades.

Maria said she was taking out the trash when the dog came out of nowhere and started to rip chunks of her skin off. She demanded $71 million in damages.

Patricia filed her own lawsuit seeking damages for the alleged emotional distress she suffered from watching the attack.

She said she was diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Chris has denied all allegations of wrongdoing. He accused Maria of provoking the dog and being responsible for her injuries.

In addition, he argued Patricia could not have heard Maria’s screams from where she was inside the home.

[Doe] invited the injuries now complained of and assumed the risk of them with full knowledge of the magnitude of that risk, in that she knew her foregoing conduct might cause the dog to attack her, and seriously injure her, both of which events are alleged to have occurred,” his lawyer argued.

Now, Patricia has filed a motion demanding she be allowed to inspect Chris’ home. She said her lawyer has been trying to lock down a date to visit the pad since January.

She said Chris’ team agreed to the inspection but only with specific restrictions. Patricia said Chris objected to his bedroom being inspected claiming it was “completely irrelevant and violated his privacy rights.”

Patricia claimed the bedroom was relevant because it was her belief that Chris “was in his bedroom at the time of the dog bite incident, could hear the dog bite incident just as Plaintiff could hear it, and that he ran downstairs from his bedroom once he could hear Maria Avila screaming during the dog attack.”

Chris’ lawyer refuted the claims. However, at a recent deposition, the singer testified, “that all the doors in the house were closed at the time and that he could still hear Maria Avila’s screams through the closed doors.”

“Mr. Brown basically validated [Patricia’s] claims in this case that she could hear her sister screaming along with the dog attacking her as she was in closer proximity to the front of the house and was working near the kitchen area on the first floor. [Chris’ lawyer’s] statements to this Court that Mr. Brown was not in his bedroom at the time of the incident and that [Patricia’s] counsel were only trying to harass his clients through this inspection demand were misleading and not truthful,” her lawyer wrote.

Patricia wants the home inspection scheduled no later than October 3, 2023.

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