Chlöe Announces Chris Brown Collab [Photos]

For the past several weeks, the anticipation for Chlöe‘s long-awaited debut solo album In Pieces has been approaching a fever pitch.

via: HotNewHipHop

Chlöe just announced a collaboration with Chris Brown via an Instagram post, where the two are sensually pictured together. While this likely excited fans on impact, they’re already looking forward to Chlöe’s upcoming album. Moreover, the Bailey sister captioned the post with the collars release date and its potential titles. “2ND PIECE. HOW DOES IT FEEL @chrisbrownofficial. 2/24 pre-save link in bio.” As two incredibly dominant stars in R&B at the moment, it should make for a pretty impactful and engaging listen. Also, the “Do It” singer recently posted that she handed in her debut album In Pieces, set for a March release.

Given that information, that “2nd piece” Chlöe referred to likely indicates the second single. After all, she already released “Pray It Away” in late January this year and a couple of singles in 2022. From what fans heard already, it will be thrilling to see each member of Chloe x Halle find individual success. On the other hand, Halle Bailey is looking forward to her starring role in Disney’s new version of The Little Mermaid. Also, given that the newly announced team-up will drop near Valentine’s Day, it will most likely be a sultry affair.

Meanwhile, Chris Brown recently made headlines for somewhat of a temper tantrum due to his music. Sure, he appeared on Metro Boomin’s HEROES & VILLAINS late last year, but his recent escapades don’t have a musical note in sight. Furthermore, he blasted Robert Glasper online and questioned his visibility after losing the Best R&B Album Grammy to him. While he apologized afterwards, many still expressed disappointment, ridicule, or a straight up condemnation of the singer’s messages.

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