Chicago White Sox’s Tim Anderson Goes On Cryptic Twitter Rant Following Jose Ramirez Fight [Photos]

Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson appeared to break his silence about Saturday night’s brawl in a string of cryptic tweets on Sunday.

via: Vibe

The two-time MLB All-Star’s first tweet, shared on Sunday (Aug. 6), read “you know all this happening for a reason …” He went on to say that he is staying focused and “been going through this sh*t for a minute” before the first of a few now-deleted tweets. “We ain’t never tripping,” Anderson wrote. “This sh*t bigger!! We gone catch up with em later ..”

The 30-year-old star seemingly took issue with people on the internet having so much to say about him, as another now-deleted tweet read “And who the f**k gave losers opinions..” Later, he wrote, “Y’all got me f**ked up fr fr..” It is clear Anderson is not happy with the way people have been talking about him, but it is unclear whether these intimations of “catching up later” are for Twitter users or Guardians players. Check out more of his tweets below.

The Saturday (Aug. 5) brawl began in the sixth inning of the Chicago White Sox and Cleveland Guardians matchup. Jose Ramirez, third baseman for the Guardians, slid into second base between Tim Anderson’s legs. He was announced to be safe at the base but went on to get chippy with Anderson. Shoves were traded before Ramirez landed a punch on the White Sox shortstop that sent him to the ground. Both teams’ players ran out onto the field to either split the two up or throw some blows of their own.

Ramirez stated in a post-game interview that Anderson had a habit of tagging players aggressively and referenced him doing so to his teammate Brayan Rocchio during their matchup on Friday (Aug. 4). “As soon as the play happened, he tapped me again really hard, more than needed,” Ramirez said. “And then his reaction was like ‘I want to fight’ and if he wanted to fight I had to defend myself. I felt I was able to land one.”

No punishments have been handed out to anyone just yet, but history has shown that on-field fisticuffs usually result in fines or suspensions for everyone involved.

Check out part of the brawl and Ramirez’s post-game comments below.

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