Chelsea Handler Claims Bill Cosby Tried to 'Cosby' Her


Chelsea Handler is throwing her name in the pot of people who have publicly come out to accuse Bill Cosby of bizarre behavior.

While Chelsea didn’t straight up say she was sexually assaulted by Mr. Cosby, she did say that it could have happened had her film crew not been present.

via The Wrap:

“He tried to Cosby me,” Handler told the April issue of Esquire during a joint interview with Nick Offerman.

Handler and Cosby were both performing comedy at the same Atlantic City hotel around 10 years ago, she recalled, and “at like three o’clock in the afternoon, someone from the hotel came down and said, ‘Oh, you know, Mr. Cosby would really like to meet you up in his hotel suite.’ And I thought, ‘That’s really weird.’

“So the three guys I was with — thank God these guys were with me. One was filming and one was like a producer; we were filming something — I brought them up with me to his room and thank God I did, because now I know what would’ve happened if I went up there alone,” Handler said.

Has anyone else been victimized or possibly victimized by Bill Cosby?

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