Chance the Rapper Announces the 'New Chance Arts and Literature Fund' [Video]

Chance the Rapper held another press conference at Chicago’s Paul Robeson High School on Friday to announce a new arts and literature fund — plus a matching $1 million donation to CPS from the Chicago Bulls.

Chance said that the ‘New Chance Arts and Literature Fund’ will begin in the fall 2017 school year.

via FADER:

Chance also announced that his Social Works non-profit has raised $2.2 million in donations since his last press conference, meaning that the organization will be donating $10,000 to 12 additional Chicago schools. Previously, he announced that 10 schools would be getting direct donations from Social Works. At the press conference on Friday, Chance said that the checks for the original ten schools had been delivered.

Earlier this month, Chance held a press conference at an elementary school to announce that he would be donating $1 million to Chicago Public Schools to aid in the funding crisis. He also called on businesses and individuals to join his efforts.

The initial press conference followed an “unsuccessful” meeting with Governor Bruce Rauner on the CPS funding crisis. When asked about any further communication with the governor on Friday, Chance said they had not spoken since their meeting.

Chance’s generosity just keeps growing. We’re inspired.

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