Celebrity Stylist Jason Bolden Creates Chic, Affordable Fall Looks for JCPenney

JCPenney has enlisted the talents of celebrity stylist Jason Bolden (who has worked with the likes of Michael B. Jordan, Dwayne Wade and Vanessa Hudgens) to reimagine the looks of the retailer’s J.Ferrar and Worthington private brands.

via: BET

Bolden’s energy is infectious, just like his latest collection with JCPenney. He smiles from ear to ear as he graciously presents his intriguing line of gender-fluid designs. To Bolden, his collaboration isn’t just a way to show off his pieces. It’s a way of paying homage to the community that fed his hunger for clothes, “JCPenny was my introduction to fashion,” Bolden said excitedly.

“My grandmother used to let me skip school to shop with her at the store. I got to see her buy dresses with beautiful patterns, which ignited my passion for clothes. I didn’t know it then, but this moment was my north star,” says Bolden.

As time passed, Bolden wanted to experiment with style for himself. Like most of us, he tried different looks, such as prep, all-American jock, and his punk phase. His expression through styling eventually grew his interest in design. However, the big question was how to start, “Fashion always felt like home for me, but I just didn’t know how to make it in the industry,” says Bolden, “As a Black man, fashion isn’t something that was offered,” Bolden adds.

“I had to figure out the industry and made many mistakes. However, when you love something, it’s very easy to make it to the finish line,” Bolden said. Despite Bolden’s success, it was still vital for him to have his “full circle moment” by designing his collection with JCPenny. Bolden adds, “I never lost sight of home. I made it here because of where I came from, and JCPenny was pivotal in that.”

Bolden’s designs are lovingly created without gender bias, almost reflecting the acceptance he once shared with his grandmother.

“I wanted to be inclusive because that’s been my life. I wanted to create a collection that looked like my life; it’s big, bold, easy, but most importantly, available,” says Bolden.

The JCPenney X Jason Bolden Collection is quality, open, and affordable, something not always seen by consumers in retail stores. The prices are fair, and the size range is more than forgiving. Bolden wanted to include everyone in the collaboration. His work is available today on the JCPenny website.

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