Carmelo Anthony Partners With Westbrook Studios For Docuseries About His Life |

Carmelo Anthony Partners With Westbrook Studios For Docuseries About His Life

Future NBA Hall of Famer Carmelo Anthony is teaming up with Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith on a documentary about his life.

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According to Deadline, Seven—named after Melo’s iconic jersey number—will be a four-part series based on his life and career.

Carmelo’s Creative 7 company, which he started with longtime business partner Asani Swann, will serve as Seven’s executive producer. Westbrook Studios‘ Terence Carter and Sahara Bushue and Falkon Entertainment’s Dexton Deboree and Wondwossen Dikran will also serve as executive producers.

The series will take a deep dive into Carmelo Anthony’s life story. Seven will begin with his childhood and cover every good and not-so-great moment leading up to his current adult life.

Melo is set to disclose the truth behind notable incidents throughout his 10-time NBA All-Star career, including those he’s never spoken about publicly. Seven is set to highlight the balance between being a father, a son, a businessman, and a world-renowned athlete.

“The biggest question everyone is probably thinking is why now? Why choose this moment to tell my story?” Anthony expressed. “The short of it is I’ve spent enough time letting other people speak for me. It’s time for my truth.”

“I look forward to viewers finally having the opportunity to hear about my journey in my own words. Westbrook Studios, Falkon Entertainment, and my team at Creative 7 have been immensely supportive of my vision for this project, and I am proud that we have been able to make this series a reality.”

Number seven’s career highlights include being a three-time Olympic gold medalist and ninth on the NBA all-time scoring list. Melo was also among the NBA’s top 75 players in history.

He has played for the Denver Nuggets, New York Nicks, Oklahoma City Thunder, Houston Rockets, Portland Trail Blazers, and, most recently, the Los Angeles Lakers.

Elsewhere, the athlete has been concentrating on growing his business ventures and philanthropic endeavors. He’s also been a strong voice in the ongoing fight for social justice, such as his work on racial equality.

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