Cardi B Thrown Microphone eBay Auction Closes at $99,900

The eBay listing has officially closed for the microphone Cardi B chucked into her crowd, spawning a police investigation.

via: Marca

Last July 31, images of Cardi B went around the world as in the middle of a concert in Las Vegas, a person in the audience decided to throw a glass of drink at the performer and her reaction was extreme.

The singer threw the microphone in the face of the person in the audience and it was recorded.

The video sparked all kinds of reactions, but what no one could have imagined is that the microphone was going to be auctioned and is currently at a totally exorbitant price.

It was for a good cause, as the owner of the gadget has acknowledged that he will donate the proceeds to two charities in the country.

TMZ is reporting that the eBay bidding war came to a close Tuesday morning, and the Shure Axient digital mic made a grand total of $99,900. The auction started at only $500, but got over 120 bids in about a week.

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