Cardi B Is 'Thankful' She Didn't Get That Face Tattoo She Wanted as a Teenager [Photos]

Cardi B’s body is covered in tattoos, but there’s one tattoo she didn’t get.

via: Billboard

“Everyday I’m thankful at the fact that [I] ain’t get this face tatt I wanted when I was 16,” she wrote. But what design would’ve graced Cardi’s face you might ask? “Little stars from the top of my eyebrow swirling down to my jaw,” the “WAP” artist wrote in response to her original tweet with an epic GIF of Mel B’s face-palm moment during America’s Got Talent.

She does have one massive colorful peacock tattoo that swirls down her leg that she got touched up (with some special extra finishes) 10 years after she first got inked, but nothing on her face (yet).

Even though we’ll never know what Cardi’s star-spangled face tat woul have looked like, she gave fans a glimpse of her expanding family earlier this week when she surprised fans with her baby bump at Sunday’s BET Awards. The following day, Cardi shared two touching images of her husband Offset caressing her baby bump as well as one capturing a precious mother-daughter moment between her and her nearly 3-year-old daughter Kulture in their maternity photo shoot.

We all have that tattoo that we are glad we did not get.

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