Cardi B Surprises Her Former Bronx Middle School With $100,000 Donation

Cardi B made a surprise visit to her former middle school as part of New York’s Community Capacity Development organization.

via Complex:

On Tuesday, Cardi headed to her old stomping grounds, I.S. 232 in the Bronx’s Morris Heights neighborhood. After delivering a motivational speech to some ecstatic students and answering a few of their questions, Cardi surprised the school with a $100,000 donation.

“I’m extremely proud to be from the Bronx and I have lots of family and friends who live and work there still,” Cardi said. “So when I heard about the fire and all of the victims, I knew I needed to do something to help.”

She continued, “I was looking at some areas. The way that the prices soar up…like how are people surviving? I want to know. My family and my friends, they’re so grateful to have me, but it’s just like, what happens to people who don’t have a me?”

This is why Cardi keeps winning.

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