Cardi B Seemingly Responds to Joe Budden: ‘Nobody is Overworking Me’ [Video] |

Cardi B Seemingly Responds to Joe Budden: ‘Nobody is Overworking Me’ [Video]

Recent comments made by Joe Budden about how Cardi B is spending her time caused the “Up” rapper to issue a response.

via: Complex

After Joe Budden shared some Cardi takes on his podcast recently—seemingly doing an impression of Cardi apparently not having an album prepped—the MC is setting the record straight.

“I heard something about me and I don’t like that. I don’t know why motherfuckers assuming shit about me and I really don’t motherfucking like that,” Cardi said on Instagram Live, per HotNewHipHop. “I’m hearing, right, that a little bird was talking about me and practically was saying that I’m not doing anything because I don’t have an album out and all that shit. It’s like, listen, if y’all want an album from me, you can just say that, but what y’all not gonna motherfuckin’ say about me or make me look like is I’m a lazy bitch because no bitch right now, nobody is overworking me.”

Budden, in his podcast comments, inferred that Cardi had “mad time” because she’s “not doing an album” and has “all the money in the world, so much so, you see me every month trying to give it away.”

“I’m giving Offset money, I’m buying a house over here, a house over here, I’m paying for funerals,” he said, seemingly referring to Cardi’s decision to cover funeral and burial costs for Bronx fire victims earlier this month.

Seemingly in response to Budden and potentially others who have questioned her work ethic, Cardi claimed that at the moment, she’s “setting for my motherfucking future so I won’t have to motherfuckin’ work hard, work as hard as that comes,” before mentioning her business deals with Facebook, Reebok, and beyond.

Get those bags Cardi.

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