Cardi B. Deletes Twitter After Receiving 'Harassing' Comments from Fans Demanding New Music + Announces New Doll [Video]

Cardi B took to Twitter to chat with Frans, but hungry fans demanding new music prompted the rapper to delete her account altogether.

via Rap-Up:

“drop the fu**ing album,” wrote one fan, to which Cardi replied, “SUCK MY DICK.”

An upset Cardi also addressed those who keep asking when her sophomore album will drop, explaining that she is taking her time and wants to make sure it’s “immaculate.”

“Yo, I really hate when people start acting like brats and start really pissing me off. I don’t like that s**t,” she said in a Twitter voice note. “I wanna make it very clear. After I dropped I said, I’m gonna take my time. I gotta finish my album. If I say I’m gonna finish my album, it doesn’t mean that I’m gonna drop in March, it doesn’t mean that I’m gonna drop in April. Let me do this f**king s**t because everybody expect me to f**king fail, so when I drop my album, I want it to be immaculate with everything great.”

But the constant questioning has taken its toll on her. “However, don’t every single time that I f**king drop something, ya’ll discourage me with the ‘I thought you was gonna drop the album, I though you was gonna drop a song.’ My mans, I just dropped a song three f**king weeks ago.”

In addition to music, Cardi remains focused on her paper. “How ya’ll expect me to be a great business woman, how ya’ll expect me to make it to Forbes if I’m not doing other business ventures besides music? You should learn from JAY-Z. You don’t just become a billionaire with f**king making music.”

Added Cardi, “Let me do my s**t. Stop harassing me for f**king music. I just dropped something. And I don’t like to drop bulls**t because if it flops, then what? Cardi is a flop, Cardi is a flop, and ya’ll gonna be mad arguing on Twitter. So stop. That s**t is f**king annoying. Deadass.”

After deleting her Twitter account on Friday morning (March 5), the Grammy winner appeared on the “Today” show in honor of Women’s History Month to promote her new limited edition doll.

Check out some of Cardi’s now-deleted Tweets below + her video announcement.


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