Cardi B Cleared in Mic Throwing Battery Case

The criminal batter investigation into Cardi B for throwing a mic at a fan who threw a drink at her has been dropped.

Cardi’s lawyers Drew Findling, David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfeld said in a statement:

“This afternoon we were notified by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept., that as a result of their investigation, there will be NO charges against Cardi. On behalf of Cardi, we appreciate the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept’s diligent and prompt resolution of this matter.”

If you recall, last weekend Cardi was performing at ¬†Drai’s Beachclub when she asked the crowd to splash water on her to cool her down. At some point, an attendee threw a cup of an unknown liquid and ice at her — which prompted Cardi to throw the mic in return.

The mic ricocheted and hit another person, who filed a police report.

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