Cardi B Claps Back at Troll for Calling Daughter Kulture ‘Autistic’

Cardi B responded to a Twitter troll who suggested that the rapper’s 3-year-old daughter Kulture has autism.

via Page Six:

“Your daughter is literally autistic and you’re on stan twitter instead of making sure she’s not sticking her finger in outlets,” wrote user @theminajprint in a since-deleted tweet.

The “WAP” performer, 29, clapped back via quote-tweet, writing: “My daughter is not autistic…You can’t call her ugly so y’all have to diagnose her wit her wit something.Go play in traffic bitch.”

The replies to Cardi’s retort varied, with many pleading with the “Bodak Yellow” hit-maker to stop feeding the proverbial trolls.

“Ignore them. Simple. They wanna get to you, and you’re letting them,” tweeted @M_Louise91.

User @bardifire echoed, “Mommy stop giving them attention. That’s literally what they want.”

Many other commenters took the opportunity to gently disentangle the original Tweet’s derogatory implications about autism.

“Her daughter is not autistic but I am and I’m very smart and it’s not wrong having autism but cardi b knows her daughter more than anyone else ?,” chimed in @Brian_thadon95, whose tweet appeared to garner the most “likes” among the direct responses to Cardi’s rejoinder as of Saturday morning.

Yet another user, @SheLoves_Blue, emphasized: “No one is saying that there is anything wrong with being autistic but look at the intent of the person that said it. They weren’t trying to be helpful or informative, they said it in a spiteful way, so yes she has the right to be upset.”

The Bronx native shares Kulture and son Wave with husband, rapper Offset, 30.

The “Money” artist has faced criticism in the past for railing against unsolicited — and unfounded — assertions about her kids having autism.

In an Instagram Live rant streamed in early April 2022, Cardi clarified her stance.

“There’s nothing wrong with that disorder,” she said. “I have friends that have children that are autistic. But my kid doesn’t have that. So if I want to say, ‘Don’t put that s- -t on my kid,’ I can say that. Why am I wrong for me saying ‘Don’t put that s- -t on my f- -king kid,’ but the person that’s tweeting that is not wrong?”

Stan Twitter is something else…


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