Cardi B Claps Back After Being Accused of Calling Black Women 'Roaches'

Cardi B is on a major wave right now thanks to her soon-to-be Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 hit “Bodak Yellow” — so naturally people are trying to dig up her past.

A Twitter user by the name of @WokeMutant decided to thread together past instances of Cardi B calling people ‘roaches.’

The user assumed that the term ‘roach’ was derogatory and specifically aimed at darker-skinned Black women, but he was wrong. ‘Roach’ is a pretty common clapback — and it doesn’t discriminate.

Not one to let things slide, Cardi addressed the controversy head-on. She included a video in which she even referred to her own self as a roach.

And there you have it.


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