Candiace Dillard Hasn’t Said a ‘Single Word’ to Monique Samuels Since 'RHOP' Fight: ‘Why Would I?

Candiace Dillard says she has not spoken a single word to Monique Samuels since their massive fight which aired on last Sunday’s episode of ‘The Real Housewives of Potomac.’

via People:

“I have not said a single word to her,” Dillard, 33, said during the Sept. 28 episode of Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast. “Why would I?”

“Would you speak to the person who physically attacked you and defamed you and your character?” Dillard asked host Erik J. Mac of the incident, which took place in October of last year.

The Howard University graduate explained that “at this point, there is nothing that I need to say to [Monique]. I have no words for a person who can conduct in the way that she has.”

Dillard also asserted in the interview that “Monique didn’t have a reason to be upset” with her and doesn’t understand what led to the physical altercation, which saw what appeared to be Samuels dragging Dillard by the hair and hitting her on her head.

“I can’t be accountable for something I don’t know I’ve done,” Dillard explained.

On her own separate appearance on The Daily Dish podcast, Samuels revealed what severed her friendship with Dillard — and how that led to the fight.

Samuels explained that an ex-friend of hers, along with former Housewife Charrisse Jackson Jordan, said that she was “having an affair with the trainer and my pregnancy was not with Chris.” (Jackson Jordan has denied spreading this gossip.)

Samuels and husband Chris Samuels welcomed their youngest child, son Chase, in November 2018.

She claimed on the podcast that Dillard has known about the rumor all along and still invited Jackson Jordan, 55, to her anniversary party.

“The situation with Charrisse is not an issue of, ‘Oh she brought her around and I didn’t know they were friends.’ Charrisse had been involved in helping facilitate some very nasty stuff about me … so when Candiace then brought her around on camera, that to me was signaling like ‘Woah, you’re being messy and you already know what she’s capable of.’ I was like, ‘I thought we were supposed to be friends.’ We had just had a conversation about all of this, so for her to act like she doesn’t know why I’m upset with Charrisse, I was baffled,” Samuels explained.

Samuels also said that Dillard spoke about the real rumor during a previous Instagram Live.

According to Samuels, Dillard was discussing the gossip with Bryant and Robyn Dixon and told them, “That’s not going to fly because Chase looks just like Chris.”

However, according to Dillard, Samuels never made her issues known. (Dillard also said during an appearance on The Wendy Williams show that she was not involved in the whisperings about Samuels’ family.)

Dillard explained on The Daily Dish that she was initially caught off guard earlier in the season, when Samuels confronted her about her friendship with Jackson Jordan at a dinner celebrating Ashley Darby. Dillard said she was shocked because she and Samuels had just had lunch prior and had agreed to come to each other if any issues arise.

“We had just had lunch and discussed that we are willing and ready to move forward in our friendship and furthermore, be forthcoming with one another if we ever felt like there was an issue. That was discussed. So, for her to be pulling from her hind parts all these reasons for her being upset with me to the tune of literally trying to beat me up and feel nothing for the way you have made me look and feel … when you know you are the reason we are in this place,” said Dillard.

While the women are in disagreement about the timeline of their issues, they do agree that the fight shouldn’t have happened.

“I really didn’t want it to become an argument. I wish to this day that I had not engaged her as I had really done in previous instances where she was trying to start an argument. I wish I had just walked away,” Dillard said of the fight on the podcast.

Samuels shared on The Daily Dish: “I just wish that none of it ever happened. I wish that when I felt triggered I was aware enough of myself to just walk away.”

She also stressed on the podcast that the fight was not “premeditated” and “just turned into something just very ugly.”

This is about to be one hell of a reunion, isn’t it?

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