Canadian Telecommunications Company Refuses to Sponsor Summer Concert Because of Chris Brown

Chris Brown Energy Rush

A Canadian telecommunications giant has severed its ties with an upcoming Chris Brown concert after public outcry erupted on Facebook and Twitter against the singer.

On Friday, Nova Scotia radio station Energy 103.5 shared on their social media accounts that Chris Brown would be headlining their summer spectacular Energy Rush.

Within minutes, backlash broke out on Twitter and Facebook against the radio station, event promoter Drop Entertainment and top sponsor Rogers Communications.

The internet and telephone provider quickly caught on and by Friday evening a company representative hastily Tweeted: ‘I’m looking into this with our sponsorship team. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.’

Hours later the company handed down the final verdict, announcing that they would be stepping away from the show, which is scheduled for 31 August at Alderney Landing in the capital city of Halifax.

The statement read:  ‘Rogers agreed to sponsor Energy Rush prior to Chris Brown’s choice as a performer.’

He continued: ‘In light of today’s announcement, we’re withdrawing out sponsorship of the event.’

The rep, who uses the account @Chris_Rogers, later responded that he ‘wanted to get the word out quickly’ after Chris’ name was added as a headliner.

Canadian fans of the radio station aren’t so forgiving. They took to the station’s Facebook page to express their outrage.

‘I’m disgusted that 103.5 would support this “man”….you have forever lost a listener. I hope you’ll reconsider combining your name with the like of Chris Brown,’ Facebook user Lynn Romo wrote.

‘Shame on you. With the recent history of violence against women Halifax has, I’d think you’d be more aware,’ Twitter user @MCP_666 posted.

Ashley Scott defended the singer: ‘You all need to chill.. Just because he’s done some bad things doesn’t mean we can’t like his music. It’s a concert, it’s not like we’re praising him. Honestly get over it.’

‘Stoked for this! Every track Chris Brown touches is gold! Excited to see who joins him this year,’ user Chris Brodie  chimed in.

Hmm…the entire situation is unfortunate. The station has yet to announce additional acts.

via Daily Mail

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