Camille Cosby BLASTS Montgomery County D.A. and Judge as ‘Explosively Ambitious’ After Bill's Mistrial

After a judge declared a mistrial in Bill Cosby’s sexual assault case, his wife Camille released a statement in defense of her husband.

In her statement, she blasts Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele, Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill, and the media.

“How do I describe the District Attorney? Heinously and explosively ambitions. How do I describe the judge? Overtly and arrogantly collaborating with the District Attorney. How do I describe the counsels for the accusers? Totally unethical. How do I describe many, but not all, general media? Blatantly vicious entities that continually disseminated intentional omissions of truths for the primary purpose of greedily selling sensationalism at the expense of a human life,” she said.

She then went on to thank the jurors who remained deadlocked in support of her husband.

You can read her full statement below.

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