Britney Spears: I Want To Talk To My Conservatorship Judge

Britney Spears is ready to speak for herself, her attorney said at a court hearing on Tuesday.

via: The Blast

Just minutes ago, during a hearing in the case, Britney’s lawyer announced that the pop star is requesting a status hearing in her case. Plus, she is asking for the court to expedite the hearing and wants to address the court directly.

Both of Britney’s parents were remotely present for the hearing and heard the bombshell, which is supposed to take place in June.

Of course, many of the #FreeBritney movement followers might consider this the first in many steps to free herself from the conservatorship.

Britney’s lawyers would have to formally ask for her to be released from the case, which they have not done…yet. Also, it’s unclear if that is what Britney will say to the judge.

Interestingly, Britney’s capacity to make medical decisions was raised in the same hearing. But, at this point, Britney’s capacity and the request for a status hearing are not considered related.

The good news, Britney appears to be finally taking the situation into her own hands and will be heard by the judge. Unfortunately, the hearing will most likely be closed to the public, based on the information being discussed.

As we reported, Britney’s parents are at war in the case over Jamie Spears’ request for fees related to his attorneys. Lynne Spears objected to the amount, and it was supposed to be argued in today’s hearing. Instead, many of the items were continued to a later date.

Britney Spear’s father accused her mother of ‘exploiting’ their daughter in a new bombshell filing the conservatorship case.

As we reported, Jamie claims Lynne hasn’t been involved in the conservatorship for the last decade, saying, she “Has not been involved in their daughter’s conservatorship until very recently, and she is now raising objections to fees related to matters that she has no knowledge of.”

It should be noted, Jamie is the one who gets paid $16,000 a month to be Britney’s conservator. Shockingly, he said, SHE “Is the one who exploited her daughter’s pain and trauma for personal profit by publishing a book.”

Britney’s upcoming court appearance will be the first time in recent years the pop star has stood before the court.

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