Britney Spears’ Nudity, Lashing Out Is ‘Shock Value’ to Get Back at Her Family, Says Author

Britney Spears is doing a lot on Instagram right now, but according to author Steve Dennis, she’s just trying to get under her family’s skin.

via NYP:

“I do believe there’s a shock value to it,” author Steve Dennis, who spent time with Britney’s family in Louisiana for his book, “Britney: Inside the Dream,” told The Post. “In the past … her parents would have been horrified at what she’s doing — and that’s why she is doing it. It’s almost like there’s ‘How do you like me now?’ written all over it.”

“She just turned 40 and she has not been in control of her life in over 13 years,” Britney’s aunt Leigh Ann Spears Wrather told The Post. “She’s finally being able to live a little.”

Earlier this month, Britney posted several near-naked photos of herself, with just an emoji covering her private parts, on Instagram. She previously posted images in which she is holding her bare breasts.

In December, she wrote that “Not doing music anymore is my way of saying ‘F–k You’” to her family. A month before, she accused her mom, Lynne, of having concocted the conservatorship idea, saying, “she secretly ruined my life.”

She’s also lashed out at fellow pop star Christina Aguilera — declined to discuss Britney’s conservatorship in a red-carpet interview — saying: “Refusing to speak when you know the truth, is equivalent to a lie.”

But insiders aren’t worried.

” I don’t think she’s unhinged or crazy,” said Wrather, who’s stayed in touch with Britney. “She’s not doing anything wrong. She’s in a good place.”

Dennis said that Britney’s current behavior is par for the course for her — in a good way.

“This is woman who is feeling liberated really for the first time in her life,” Dennis said. “I think we’re seeing a woman saying ‘f–k you’ to every aspect of the control that ruled her life and every person who has been part of that control. Britney has always been a rebel. I think she is definitely feeling free.”

And some around her say she’s exposing the true villains in her life.

“Jamie Lynn and Jamie Spears are the absolute worst,” a former boyfriend of Britney’s told The Post Friday. “Jamie Spears controlled the money and Jamie Lynn blew through a lot of hers, so they both always pro the conservatorship. Jamie Lynn is just saying all this crap to sell her book and make money.”

It’s been estimated that Britney and Jamie Lynn’s father, Jamie, made some $6 million while acting as his older daughter’s conservator for 13 years. The conservatorship came about after the singer was put into a psychiatric hold following a public meltdown — shaving her head, attacking paparazzi with an umbrella — and having locked herself in a bathroom with one of her sons.

Los Angeles-based attorney Adam Streisand was hired by Britney in 2008 but not allowed to be her lawyer after a doctor declared she was not competent enough to choose her own. The court appointed Sam Ingham instead.

Streisand said he is still incredulous at what Britney went through.

“It’s a damn outrage that she was in a conservatorship for 13 years,” Streisand said. “The outrageous part was she had nobody who was advocating for her. The moment it started to get out to the press what was really going on, then Sam Ingham thought he better get out of Dodge. Then Jamie was like, ‘She doesn’t need a conservatorship anymore,’ and the judge said OK.”

Ingham did not return a call for comment. The Post also reached out to Britney’s lawyer Mathew Rosengart, who did not respond.

A hearing had been scheduled for Jan. 19, to finalize the transfer of assets and formally dissolve the conservatorship, has been postponed. But LA lawyer Mike Mandell said those who wonder if Britney’s recent antics could result in another conservatorship are dreaming.

“I don’t see any conservatorship again for her,” Mandell said. “That would be insane … If she ever was in any type of serious trouble regarding her mental health, they’d be looking at different ways to handle the situation. Maybe she’ll have a financial advisor to put assets in a trust. But for now it looks to me … that she’s just a young woman enjoying her freedom.”

Streisand said he’s still reeling after watching what went down after he first met Britney in 2008. He said she did not appear seriously mentally ill back then and he certainly doesn’t think she is now.

“The fact that somebody is eccentric or sometimes makes bad decisions doesn’t mean they can’t manage their own life,” Streisand told The Post. “If bad decisions were the standard we’d all be under conservatorships. If we all had to sit down in front of a panel to prove you should be allowed to have a child, how many people would pass that test?”

Meanwhile, Jamie Lynn’s husband, Jamie Watson, told The Post on Friday that he’s hoping for healing.

Said Watson of his in-laws: “There needs to be some positivity.”

Whatever’s going on with Britney — or what isn’t — we hope she’s taking care of herself.

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