Britney Spears Meets The Weeknd And ‘Euphoria’ Creator Sam Levinson, Fueling Rumors About ‘The Idol’

Last summer, it was announced that The Weeknd is starring in The Idol, a new HBO series he co-created with Reza Fahim and Euphoria creator Sam Levinson. A few months later, Britney Spears revealed she shot a new film also called The Idol.

via: ET Online

On Tuesday, Spears took to Instagram to gush about meeting fellow singer The Weeknd as well as Euphoria director Sam Levinson.

Sharing a video of the three of them together, Britney wrote, “Here’s me today meeting the director of @euphoria today and @theweeknd.” She attached a few emojis to the post as well, the monkey covering its eyes, kiss marks and hearts — so it’s safe to say she was excited.

In the last slide of her post, Britney shared a graphic scene from Euphoria where Zendaya’s character is shooting at another character that is set on fire. Britney wrote, “Pss I like to dig real deep on what brings me peace and this scene of Euphoria always does that.”

Furthermore, Spears’ assistant, Vicky T, shared a photo of herself, Levinson, and The Weeknd on what appears to be a set, given the cameras and other equipment seen in the background. On a related note, the house in the photo also looks like it may be the same one from a photo The Weeknd shared on Instagram last week. In an Instagram Story, Vicky T also noted she has known Levinson since she was 16 years old, which gives Spears a stronger connection to the project.

So, if Spears was on the same set at The Weeknd and Levinson, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn Spears was involved in the project, especially since it’s about a female pop singer. The Weeknd would seemingly embrace working with Spears, as he previously cited her music as an inspiration for his Dawn FM album.

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