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‘Breakfast Club’ Star DJ Envy Addresses False Rumors Co-Host Jess Hilarious Was Out Before She Even Made Her Debut

Power 105.1?s “The Breakfast Club” has officially found its new permanent co-host Baltimore native Jessica Moore, more commonly known as Jess Hilarious.

via: Page Six

When the hit radio show “The Breakfast Club” hired a new host, comedian Jess Hilarious — then took a vacation break before she debuted on the air, fans falsely theorized that she was fired.

DJ Envy — who has hosted the show since its 2010 launch — says the alleged controversy had the hosts laughing.

“I think one of the funniest theories was when we got back from vacation… they said [Jess] worked one day and got fired that day,” Envy told Page Six.

He added of the Baltimore comedian, “Mind you she did not work at all. She hasn’t been to the city and won’t be until Feb. 5. We are hearing a lot of fake news, and these hating comments.”

He said the false rumors that Hilarious (aka Jessica Moore) was already axed popped up online when, “we were in the middle of our photo shoot” to promote the new lineup.

Hilarious, who replaces fan favorite Angela Yee, first announced she’d join the show during a holiday party, but then did not immediately appear on “The Breakfast Club.”

False online rumors cropped up that Hilarious was axed from the “Breakfast Club” gig before she even began because she’d prematurely announced she was joining the show, and that she refused to sign a contract over various issues.

But Envy told us: “We were actually doing a photo shoot [at the time] and these people [online] are talking about, ‘Jess didn’t get the job… what is going to happen to Jess now?’ It just goes to show… that is what happens when too many people have a microphone or [a] computer in front of them.’”

This week, iHeartMedia confirmed Hilarious will join Envy and Charlamagne Tha God on the Power 105.1 award-winning syndicated morning show.

Another of the show’s original members, Yee exited in 2022 to start her own syndicated show, “Way Up With Yee.”

Envy tells us of the new host: “Jess is a comedian and she can go toe to toe with the both of us. This is what Jess does for a living. She’s funny, she’s witty. If you ever go to Jess’ stand up comedy shows, if you say something she’s gonna snap back… I think Jess brings a lot to the table and I can’t wait.”

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