Bow Wow's Baby Mama Threatens To Expose Him After He Calls Her 'Clout Chaser' [Photo + Video]

Based on a series of recent social media posts, it’s clear that Instagram model Olivia Sky isn’t too happy after Bow Wow — the father of her son Stone Moss — allegedly told her that he thinks she just wants to be famous.

via: AceShowbiz

Bow Wow’s baby mama Olivia Sky has made use of her Instagram account to blast the rapper. Taking to Instagram Story on Wednesday, May 26, Olivia appeared to threaten to spill some tea about the “Growing Up Hip Hop” star after the latter seemingly accused her of being a “clout chaser.”

In the said post, Olivia, who shares a son with the rapper, wrote, “@shadmoss Think I wanna be FAMOUS. Maybe I should start letting you guys in on some tea then.” She then continued, “I’m Pretty quiet for a clout chaser ?”

“N***as Don’t know how to read when encountering a real b***h and it SHOWS hunny,” she cryptically added in a separate post.

The post arrives after she expressed her frustration in an Instagram audio that surfaced on Wednesday, “I stay humble. I stay out the way. I get my own money. I focus on myself. I be the best mom for my baby, and it still don’t be enough for ****.”

“N***as try and find a way to make you think you doin’ something wrong,” she vented. “Why you trying to f**k with me so hard, dude? Why are you trying to make this single mom s**t so f***ing hard. This co-parenting s**t can be so easy, but *** would rather make it hard, bro. And that’s crazy! So, let me be the b***h that you want me to be. Right now.”

She went on to say, “Go to the internet and let them in on the tea and s**t ’cause I wanna be famous, right? But how come I didn’t do ‘Love & Hip Hop’ when they offered me to? What? Huh?”

Fans had mixed response to Olivia’s claims. One person who believed her commented, “I believe her. If she wanted clout she would’ve been pulling all types of antics to be seen on the net. Not about to compare her to his other bm Bc those are two different women with two different careers.” Another user echoed the sentiment, “He’s a clown. I believe her. And how we just forget about the audio of him beating that one girl????”

However, some others were skeptical. “She told us she had a child with him before he even knew tho she ran to the blogs first so idk,” one person noted. “I don’t trust her his first baby mother never said nothing bad about that man,” one other added.

Co-parenting is not easy but keep y’all issues off social media.

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