Bow Wow Says He's in Talks to Create Own Morning Radio Show [Photo] |

Bow Wow Says He’s in Talks to Create Own Morning Radio Show [Photo]

Bow Wow is working on his next endeavor.

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On Friday (Feb. 11), the Like Mike star revealed that he’s one step closer to making his morning show dreams come true.

“They thought I was playing when I said I want my own morning show on the radio in ATL,” he penned in a tweet. “Welp… the talks have started!”

Bow Wow broke into the entertainment industry as a young rapper, delivering chart-topping hits under Jermaine Dupri‘s So-So Def label. As he grew older, he started acting and got bit by the bug. Since then, he’s appeared in films like Roll Bounce, Johnson Family Vacation and F9 as well as television series Entourage, CSI: Cyber and the reality show “Growing Up Hip Hop.” He’s put his music on the backburner.

Recently, when asked if he has any regrets in his music career, Bow admitted that he probably wouldn’t rap if he could turn back the hands of time. “Just been actor and never touched music,” he responded to a fan.

He also expressed his feelings toward rap after his Verzuz battle against Soulja Boy in the summer. “Y’all niggas see why I don’t be wanting to rap no motherfucking more?” Bow said in the clip. “This is exactly why I’m at peace. I’m at peace man. I like hosting my shit, making more money than half of y’all rap niggas. I like doing my podcast. This shit right here is the number one reason why a nigga don’t wanna rap no more. This is the reason why. I do movies, and I do so much other shit. It’s because rap shit brings stress….I don’t fuck with rap. I hate doing this shit.”

Despite his current disdain for music, the Roll Bounce star says he’s working on his last album, per Snoop Dogg‘s request. “Snoop told me no way you can retire before me,” Bow Wow previously tweeted. “You owe us one more. Speak on all the real shit that we wanna know you been going through. Put it song and watch it flourish. – nuff said unc! #lastone.”

See Bow Wow’s post below.

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