Boosie Badazz Asks For Food Stamps From Fans To Save Money On Groceries [Video]

If y’all got extra food stamps laying around, Boosie Badazz wants them.

via: AceShowbiz

Boosie Badazz a.k.a. Lil Boosie never fails to surprise people with his antics. After handing out cash to a man he slapped for a music video, the rapper is now asking fans to give him food stamps, albeit not one who is strapped for cash.

The Baton Rogue native delivered the message through a “service announcement” video posted on his Instagram account on Wednesday, April 14. “Boosie announcement, service announcement,” he said in the clip. “You got food stamps, I’m trying to get them b***hes. I’ma f**k witcha gang.”

Boosie said he will exchange the food stamps for money. “You see me in the streets, pull up. I’ma cash you out. You got food stamps, I’ma f**k witcha gang. When you see me in the streets, you see me at a concert, you tryna get some cash, bring me them food stamps,” he added.

In the caption of the since-deleted video, Boosie said he’s trying to save money on groceries. “F**K WITH ME!! IM TRYIN SAVE MONEY. GROCERIES THEN TURNED INTO CHILD SUPPORT EVERY MONTH. IM GO F**K WITH YO GAME STR8 UP,” he wrote.

While the video is no longer available on his own page, The Shade Room was able to take a screen recording and then re-posted it on its own account. The video has since drawn mixed responses from other users, with one slamming the “Wipe Me Down” emcee, “Boosie nobody giving you they damn food stamps card at a concert.. Crazy tail!” Another called him out, “Man I feel you sick of paying money for food it to much out your pocket.”

Others warned him that it’s illegal to trade food stamps for money and he could be sent to jail for it. “Do he know this illegal lol,” one remarked. Another pleaded, “Booooosie don’t go to jail for stamp fraud Lawd unknown they be hating on you.”

While some people took his announcement seriously, some others got his joke and found it amusing. “You could never make too much money to not want food stamps,” one enthused. Another similarly commented, “Never too rich for the food stamps lmao.” Another person weighed in, “Lmaoooo he and caresha the funniest ghetto celebs,” while someone else praised his sense of humor, “He cannot be this funny man.”

Hopefully, Boosie gets the help he needs. Don’t y’all send that man your stamps.

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