Boondocks Fans React To News Of The HBO Max Revival Getting Canceled [Photos]

Huey and Riley Freeman will not make their return to screen.

via: Hot97

According to Star Cedric Yarbrough, if you had your hopes up for the Boondocks revival, it’s not happening.

As reported on sources, Yarbrough confirmed that The Boondocks HBO Max revival is dead. Sony pulled the plug.

Yarbrough said, “I hate to say this, but… The show is, right now, not coming back. I don’t know if this is breaking news, but we’ve been wanting to do the show. And Sony… they decided they’re going to pull the plug. So, I don’t know. Hopefully, maybe one day we’ll be able to revisit. If we don’t then that’s what that is. But, I wish the show was coming back.”

Social media is so sad. Some believe the show wouldn’t have been a success in this day and age. Take a look:

In addition to Yarbrough, The Boondocks‘ original voice cast featured Regina King, the late great John Witherspoon, Gary Anthony Williams and Jill Talley.

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