Bob Marley’s Family to Launch the First Celebrity Magic Mushroom Line

Late reggae icon Bob Marley’s family is getting into the psychedelic mushroom business.

via Page Six:

The family’s Marley One brand will launch a line of psychedelic mushroom products later this year in legal markets, such as Jamaica, in partnership with Silo Wellness.

Touting itself as the first celeb-backed ‘shroom line, Marley One will first launch with non-psychoactive mushroom wellness products. The non-trippy products are made with “functional mushrooms” — as opposed to the psychedelic ones — which have already been a trend in the wellness space.

The move comes on the heels of a cannabis craze that has had celebs including Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Willie Nelson and Seth Rogen launching their own lines.

Following all the weed wackiness, investors have more recently been betting on psychedelics. This month, a Peter Thiel-backed psychedelic start-up began trading on Wall Street. Mike Tyson, who’s also become a cannabis entrepreneur, recently said that after taking psilocybin — aka “magic mushrooms” — “my whole life changed.”

The Marley One mushroom products will also include gummies, capsules and cosmetics.

Marley’s widow, Rita Marley, said in a statement: “We know Bob would be proud of what we’re building… Our family has always revered the ancient history and transformative potential of nature’s gifts.”

Marley’s Miami-based daughter, Grammy-winner Cedella Marley, is CEO of the Bob Marley Group of Companies. Silo Wellness is headed by CEO Douglas K. Gordon.

Silo Wellness calls itself a “spore-to-door” company, with products already including a psilocybin nasal spray. It also facilitates “psychedelic retreats” in Jamaica, and “ketamine-assisted retreats” in Oregon.

We’re not mad at this one bit!

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