Blueface Wants LGBTQ Community To Call Out Man For Falsely Claiming They Were Dating

Most of the headlines regarding Blueface so far in September have been about the Californian missing out on the birth of his first child with Chrisean Rock. The Baddies cast member made the bold decision to stream the event on Instagram for the world to see, but her co-parent spent the day in Miami with his first baby mama, Jaidyn Alexis, rather than show his support.

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Blueface has called upon the LGBTQ community to call out a popular TikTok influencer after the influencer falsely claimed that he was dating the “Thotiana” rapper.

The controversial rapper took to Twitter on Saturday (September 9) to respond to the viral video that began going around, which led many people to speculate that the Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy in Love star was, in fact, a gay man.

“I have no interest in going after the LGBTQ if they don’t hold each other accountable for things like this seeing how they come together for everything else that’s on their community as a whole I’m not homophobic nor gay,” he wrote.

He continued: “I’m not sueing nobody for no defamation if y’all believe that….that’s on you this shit is all entertainment for me literally every time I open these apps I separate my reality from this virtual world where everyone is pretending an lying for likes an approvals iam the TRUTH.”

Check out the tweets below:

The controversy started on Friday (September 8), when Cole Carrigan — a popular, but controversial, drag queen, makeup artist, and TikTok star — took to his social media pages to allege that he’d been carrying on an affair with Blueface.

“Speaking of Blue Cheese — I mean Blueface — all this chit-chat got me thinking about the time I posted these pictures on Instagram a couple months ago,” he said in one video, before posting a photo of himself in full drag, then posting a screenshot of his DMs, where he alleged that the “Thotiana” rapper slid into when he noticed them online.

“I wasn’t gonna go there, but babe, I’m bored,” he said in the video.

The next video showed Carrigan kissing on the heavily tattooed stomach of the man that is, allegedly, supposed to be Blueface, implying that the pair met up to have some sexy times after Carrigan posted the photo.

In addition to turning Blueface into a trending topic on Twitter, social media went wild trying to match up the tattoos on the man in Carrigan’s video with the “Thotiana” rapper’s tattoos on his stomach.

But then, in the final video, Carrigan admits that he was pulling his follower’s legs. “Okay, okay, maybe I ran with it a little bit,” he said. “Some call it lying. But I call it entertainment.”

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