Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Matching $1 Million in Donations to Ukraine Refugees

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have pledged $1 million in matching donations to help refugees from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

via NYP:

“In 48 hours, countless Ukrainians were forced to flee their homes to neighboring countries. They need protection,” Reynolds wrote Saturday on Twitter. “When you donate, we’ll match it up to $1,000,000, creating double the support.”

Reynolds and Lively are working with USA for UNHCR, the United Nations’ refugee agency. Lively also shared the campaign on her Instagram account.

“(USA for UNHCR) is on the ground helping the 50,000+ Ukrainians who had to flee their homes in less than 48 hours,” she wrote. “(USA for UNHCR) is providing life saving aid, and also working with neighboring countries to ensure protection for these families.”

The power couple have become frequent donors to several causes. In the past two years, they’ve donated to New York hospitals, major food charities, the NAACP Defense Fund and the ACLU, among other organizations.

Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine has led to condemnation throughout the world but no international intervention. Russian troops approached Kyiv on Saturday but had not taken the city as of Saturday night.

“We will fight for as long as needed to liberate our country,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said.

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