Black Girls Rock! Ava DuVernay's Barbie Doll Goes on Sale Tomorrow [Photos]

ava duVernay Barbie Lovebscott

Director Ava DuVernay received a Barbie doll in her likeness back in April as part of Mattel’s ‘Sheroes’ series.

Because of the incredible demand, Mattel has decided to put Ava’s doll into production and you can own one for yourself starting tomorrow!

“I love that the doll is supposed to have locs like my own,” DuVernay told EW via email earlier this year. “I was a big Barbie girl when I was young. My sisters, Jina and Tera, and I would play for hours making up stories and scenarios. We couldn’t afford all the Barbie furniture and cars, so our Barbies drove around in our skates! And we’d cut socks and put a rubber band around the waist and make their dresses. We cut their hair. We put eye shadow on them with a ballpoint pen! It sounds ratchet, but we thought our Barbies were fly back then! So it’s real cool to now have a Barbie in my own image. I never imagined that. …It’s lovely to be honored, especially with a beautiful, Black, filmmakin’ Barbie with locs!”

If you didn’t already know, Ava DuVernay is responsible for directing 2014’s Selma (among many other thing), she’s the first black female to direct a film nominated for a Best Picture Oscar and she also founded the African American Film Festival Releasing Movement — a program providing opportunities and resources to underrepresented filmmakers.

Orders for Ava’s Barbie will go live tomorrow (December 7th) via TheBarbieCollection website — just in time for Christmas!

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